The driving force behind world progression has always been new ideas, improvements to existing system, better technology, bigger outreach of information, deeper researches and etc. Our ancestors, to current leaders today work hard to ensure the nation continuously prospers in the right direction, and that responsibility will one day be carried by the youth of today. Many hold so much potential within them, to which they only need the right tools and platform to further grow, becoming successful. Hence, it is our job to recognize that potential, and nurture it, by adopting young talents, with which come along a plethora of benefits.

            Adopting younger talents will undoubtedly bring in new energy and perspective. As a fresh graduate, they are still eager to learn, build an experience, and most importantly, carry a large enthusiasm. That enthusiasm is what carries their attitude and energy, which would indirectly influence the room, lifting up the social environment thereby boosting productivity. Not only that, but the enthusiasm allows them to constantly think of solutions when in face of a problem When the company, or an institution has an increase in enthusiasm, it would act as an inspiration as well as motivation for everyone else. Dr J Thomas Smith had listed out a number of benefits to enthusiasm in workplace, some of which include keeping yourself focused on the task at hand, as well as helping us prioritize by finding enjoyment in carrying out the work given to us.

On top of that, these youths are coming into the industry, already carrying in a hill of experience. Under projectALT, a student is not only taught the course through lectures and the drilling in of theories, but they are also given ample opportunities to practice and implement the knowledge that they have obtained. In applying what they have learnt in the classroom, they are doing so within the environment provided by our organizational partners, thereby allowing them to integrate into the industry quicker and more efficiently. This would also cut down costs in regards to training staff or employees, because they are already equipped with the basic set of skills required of them through their experience in the industry.

            Aside from that, employers can reduce, or even cut down their budget for the recruitment process of their organisation. It goes without saying that any company or business requires employees to keep the operation going, and as our project can provide just that. PorjectALT creates the opportunity for individuals to learn more about the industry, while also sharpening and improving their own set of skills, under our courses. In other words, we are creating a supply of individuals meant to be working within the specific industry. As such, organisations need only keep an eye out for those talents which they are willing to employ, instead of creating a whole program meant to bring in more employees. Employers may see and understand what these individuals are capable of through the Creative Talent Showcase, in which the students bring forth and present their capabilities. Hence, this would reduce the budget required by an employer to seek out of those willing to work for them, as we can provide it.

            In conclusion, young talents of WAT Sarawak Academy bring in fresh energy and perspective to their workplace, already carry industry experience which allows for easier assimilation into the company, as well as reduce costs for an organization by not having to carry out a recruitment program.